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If you are responsible for operating a business, whether your own or someone else’s, then you should be aware of these particular services:

  • what businesses need to knowBuy-Sell Agreement Funding – This legally binding document deals with the transfer of ownership (purchase of shares) of the business in different circumstances. There are several ways to finance such a purchase, some easier than others, so if you want to know more read buy-sell agreement funding options.
  • Key Person Insurance – for goodness sake, protect the future of your business with key person insurance – it can reduce the financial impact of an untimely death and assure your customers and creditors that it’s business as usual – read more about key person insurance.
  • Executive Disability Plans – does your company benefit plan discriminate in reverse for your executives? Not sure? It’s worth checking out because many plans do.
  • Employee Benefits – when it comes to offering benefits to employees it seems that the sky is the limit in terms of options. What do employees value the most? How to best structure an effective and affordable benefit plan? Find your answers here – employee benefit plans.
  • Self Employed Benefits – people who own their own business have unique needs when it comes to their professional and personal lives – if you are such a person, be sure to check out this page!

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