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Does all this talk about money management (investing, insurance, estate planning, etc.) leave you feeling confused? Well now you can relax and use our resources to increase your comfort level. From time to time we will be adding useful tools to help you with your money management decisions so be sure to check back often.

resource library of tools


Purchasing a Life Insurance Policy – this article will give you a clear outline of the process involved in buying a life insurance policy


Estate Planning:

Beneficiary Designations – how you designate beneficiaries is important

Importance of beneficiary designations – litigation in the field of beneficiary designations is on the rise; protect yourself with this information

Role of Executor – this excellent article explains everything an executor needs to know to get the job done right

Executor Checklist – this handy guide steps you through the duties, responsibilities and obligations of an executor

Structuring a Will – be sure to read this before you head off to a lawyer to draw up your will

How to Avoid Probate – this brief article explains 5 ways to minimize probate fees

Estate Planning Questionnaire – here is a quick primer to get you started thinking about planning your estate


Investment Planning:

Investment Planning Worksheet – this comprehensive planning worksheet is worth your time to complete; it creates an inventory of your ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’, calculates your net worth and plots your financial objectives

Ponzi scheme warning signs – big or small, Ponzi schemes always seem to be around; here, Advocis provides a description of various warning signs

Risk Tolerance Questionnaire – want to know how much risk you’re comfortable with? Complete this short questionnaire and find out!


Financial Planning:

Problems with TFSA accounts – over contributions continue to be a problem so read this carefully to avoid a misstep with the federal government

Pension Plans – new rules – read about new options to ‘unlock’ your ‘locked-in’ funds

Retiring Allowances – get the facts about the eligible and non-eligible parts in regards to RRSP and RPP contributions

Financial planning for a disabled person – this article raises some thought provoking issues for anyone caring for a disabled person or including them as an heir in their will



Cost of Employee Benefits – how much are your employee benefits costing you? Are you getting value for your investment? Do your employees value these benefits? Read this article to get your answers.